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Drittauge is a veteran club DJ with over a decade of experience performing in nightclubs and at events across North America. His music collection and knowledge cross a breadth of decades and genres to cater to a wide range of audiences to provide a dynamic experience that will be sure to satisfy any event promoter’s needs.  

LOBO Chicago - November 4, 2023


Starting as a bedroom DJ with a controller he found at a Goodwill store in Indianapolis in 2008, inspired by the music he was hearing on radio stations like BPM on satellite radio, Drittauge forged a long path to where he is today playing some of the hottest nightclubs across North America. 

Being part of the LGBT, furry, and fetish communities has been a huge influence on Drittauge’s path over the years as a DJ. The furry community especially is a very DJ heavy community. Many of whom have a very diverse taste in music, giving him exposure to lots of different styles and genres of music over the years. Living in different regions of the US has also played a big role in the development of his unique approach to crafting a mix with different styles of music and bringing it all together. 

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LOBO Chicago - Jackhammer


LOBO Chicago - Jackhammer

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